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Are you looking to ignite or to re-ignite a passion for playing music at the piano?

To experience the joyous, unrestricted self-expression and the playful creativity you have always envisioned to be possible for yourself through music, only you never stumbled upon quite the right opportunity?

Maybe you used to play what feels like lifetimes ago and have been feeling yourself yearning again for that connection, but are afraid it's too far in the past, has slipped you're grasp, and you'll never be able to recapture the musical experiences you once enjoyed so thoroughly and effortlessly.

I can help you with that!

Through my own musical journey I've learned to tap into the essence of the music that comes from deep inside and how to channel it freely and uninhibitedly through the beautiful and wonderfully versatile instrument of the piano!

It's my absolute joy and pleasure these days to have the opportunity to support folks in their own journeys of self discovery and creative fulfillment at the piano.

I'll hold your hand the entire way as you learn to trust and follow your own deepest musical desires and to tap into latent artistic expressive abilities you never even knew you had!

I am currently teaching piano both in person, and online with a comprehensive setup that allows us both to easily and fully see and hear each other almost as if we were in the same room sitting next to each other!

Book a free consultation with me below and we'll figure out together how to get you started on your exciting new journey of musical discovery at the piano!*75efc5c504cebcaeab51766b5eff9bcf*gif?alt=media&token=39794da0-e71e-43b7-9633-4034afb578e9


"Sam has been a great, clear and patient teacher for me as I've taken up the piano, post-retirement.  I'm brand new to both organized music instruction as well as the piano. Sam has really helped me feel comfortable, I'm having fun and I'm actually learning how to play!  What could be better!!" ~ Ted, retired adult student

“I haven’t been this excited about piano lessons maybe ever!” ~ Josh, adult student