Welcome to Burlington Piano Lessons - an inclusive music teaching studio. We offer private on-site piano lessons for children 4+, and via Zoom for ages 7+ in Burlington, Vermont.


We are Neurodiversity Affirming, embracing Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and all types of brain wirings!


With the Musicolor Method and an experienced teacher
learning music in early childhood is accessible for everyone.

You might be asking yourself What is the Musicolor Method & Why is it such a breakthrough for my child?

The Musicolor Method uses color notation as educational scaffolding to play piano fast – and then they learn all the fundamentals along the way.


By directly labeling fingers, keys and songs using colors (a language that all children understand), we can have your child playing their first foundational song in minutes! 

— while teaching them the fundamentals of note reading and pattern recognition once they're already having fun and engaged with music!

Musicolor Method is a…

  • Tested and proven method
  • Unique and effective way to teaching an underserved and eager age group
  • Powerful way to grow your child's interest in music

But more than music, we strive to teach children the very life skills every parent is seeking to instill in their children: 






Problem Solving



Pattern Recognition

Public Speaking and Performance

and of course…PRACTICE

To learn how to practice is to set a life of mastery in motion.


Music can be so much more than entertainment.  It truly is activation for success in all walks of life.  We see music as personal development —something that is fun, engaging and meant to be shared with every child by a gifted educator!


The Musicolor Method was developed over the last 15 years of intensive research, design, development and testing in live lessons.  It has been proven to make learning music fun and not overwhelming.  It's also the reason most of students continue with us for 5, 10 and more years!  It also enables us to work with pre-literate beginners as young as 4, sometimes 3 1/2 and is particularly well suited for neurodivergent kids (kids with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, or any of the many other variations in brain wirings that naturally exist in humans).

It is an adaptive, inclusive and universal curriculum that is unique and proprietary to us in Burlington, Vermont.


We believe that music is the perfect path for personal development. 

Whether your child ever becomes a professional musician or not, it doesn't matter.  The brain development and life skills gained in learning music are so vast and are completely transferrable to all areas of life!


We recommend every child begins on piano/keyboard.  This makes learning so much easier and fun.  Because it's logical, visual and doesn't require a lot of physical effort or tuning to produce a pleasing sound, we can have your kids learning and playing faster!

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